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"DECISION" is a Strength Based intervention model that doesn’t deny the challenges and deficiencies but at the same time trusts the ADHDer abilities to reconstruct a life full of success. The "DECISION" Model was created to bring control back to individuals with ADHD. Based on this understanding, the treatment goals were formulated to support these individuals exploring their potentials, knowing about their disorder, validating their fears in order to ignite their willingness to CONNECT and get back in control. It was developed to provide them with tools to challenge their own brains, explore ways to reconstruct their external environment, figure out strategies and cues that will help them building the critical skills necessary to build their self-confidence and mastery using neuroplasticity based treatments and research based intervention approaches.


Create Awareness: Learn to understand their brain, their strengths, their talents, as well as their weaknesses and emotional dysregulation, individuals with ADHD have first to acknowledge the best and worst of their own behaviors to plan accordingly.

Work on concrete objectives to build practical skills for daily life and develop better habit. DECISION Model assists individuals with ADHD to develop unique strategies based on their strengths and personal preferences to succeed and get better at task management, organization, and other executive skills.

Build mastery: Entitles them a room to practice and repeat until creating productive habits that build those new neural pathways. Be ENGAGED, monitor and evaluate till self confidence is built and they are able each to create their ADHD owner’s manuals, and use their toolboxes to manage their challenges.




Collaboration Skills


Emotional Regulation

Self Management Skills


Structural Development

Problem Solving Skills


Build Mastery

Adaptability Skills





Self Talk

Inclusiveness of Lagging Skills

Ongoing Encouragement

Never Quit


Provides a structured framework in which students are encouraged to set reasonable and attainable goals, explore strategies  and create action plans to reach those goals.

Relies on the use of different coaching models as: the Motivational Coaching Model by Jodi sleeper Triplett, the Co-active Coaching Model and other coaching techniques.

Combines elements of different treatment approaches, mainly neuroplasticity-based treatment and effective research based interventions that have proved ability to change the brain and create new pathways.

Considering that many of the problems exhibited by ADHDers are caused by skills deficits, The DECISION Model resorts to the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help them to learn new skills and strategies like: mindfulness and self soothing kills, together with CBT elements that encourage the positive self talk and emphasize Analyzing Skills.


Each session is tailored to the patient  and will vary based on individual needs.

A Coaching approach is used and the patient is asked to set reasonable and attainable goals. The therapist follow the client’s lead related to goal setting whether it is emotional or cognitive lagging skills.

The "DECISION" model protocol calls for a goal-directed action plan to be developed with the individual with ADHD during the treatment sessions.

"DECISION" follows a process through which the specialists are committed to helping patients make their own decisions, based on the belief that students typically are more than capable of determining their own preferences and approaches

"DECISION" Model is administered in 30 to 40 minutes individual session a week during the 10 month academic year.  Aside from these 40 sessions, the coaches/ therapists communicate with the clients/ students via email and phone once a week.

"DECISION" Model can be administered by coaches, clinicians, teachers as well as parents at home after being trained on its components and related skills.

It is structured, goal oriented with the possibility of using many different tools and intervention techniques that might help the practitioner meeting the goals of each module


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