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Dr. Huda N. Shaaban is an Accredited Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has developed her own Inspirational Coaching Model to help individuals better manage their time, organize their tasks, stop procrastination and achieve their set goals. 


Dr. Huda personally sees a limited number of children, adolescents, and adults for evaluations and consultations. Such consultations involve clinical interviews of the patient (a guardian must be present for children or adolescents under 18 years)

These interviews involve a discussion about educational, social and family history, health issues, etc. to determine areas of personal strengths and difficulties. If learning problems are involved, IQ testing or standardized achievement testing may also be recommended, unless adequate testing has been done within the past 2-3 years.


For patients who have had previous evaluations, it is helpful to send copies of the reports of those evaluations prior to consultation with Dr. Huda. A consultation may be done in multiple sessions over a two or three day period. 

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How Does the Inspirational Coaching Model look like?

Dr. Huda Shaaban's Inspirational Coaching Program is a nine month program that is divided into three phases which span across three semesters: The 1st Phase “Set Your Anchor”: Understand the concept of coaching and the complexity of ADHD as a neurobiological disorder. Assess strengths, weaknesses and define the goals. The 2nd Phase “Climb the Mountain”: Skills building: Build a repertoire of learned strategies and techniques to master challenges and build new skills. The 3rd Phase “Enjoy the Summit”: Execute and attain self- mastery.

The Coaching Process

The program starts with a (free of charge) consultation call through which the whole coaching process, procedures, expectations and rules are shared. If you are a parent or guardian applying on behalf of a student, please be aware that we require the student's contact information to investigate his “coachability”. Students need to decide for themselves about coaching before proceeding with the application, as coaching revolves around their goals, not the parents’ goals. The Intake session During this initial session, two hours are spent to create the Inspirational Coaching Plan based on the clients’ goals, what they would like to accomplish and by when. It is when together we “set the stage” and start finding ways to better manage their challenges and create the lasting change they want. Weekly meeting One 30 to 45 minute weekly meeting is set to review the goals, brain storm on the actual reality and define plan of action using the GROW model technique and SMART goals. Complementary Check-ins Emails, phone calls or text messages between appointments to monitor clients performance and commitment.

What is Dr. Huda's Inspirational Coaching Model?

Dr. Huda Shaaban’s Inspirational Coaching Model is a student centered program which draws out the talent and potential of the coachee. It is a Strengths Based Approach which motivates and inspires the coachee to achieve their full potential and break down their barriers in just nine months. This is goal-oriented partnership which help clients to assess their environments, identify their needs, set their goals, and provide tools for implementation and skills building. This focused and personalized one-on-one approach for coaching works particularly well for ADHD clients and assists them in: Setting Goals, Planning, Organizing, Scheduling, Prioritizing, Focusing, Persisting on Tasks & Study Skills, Making conscious and wise choices, Motivation & Follow-through, Developing systems for success, Self-Management, Self-Motivation, Mindfulness and Accountability.

Coaching Results

As a result of coaching, students develop executive functioning and self-determination skills to:

  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses,
  • Identify patterns of behavior,
  • See situations from a different perspective,
  • Reflect critically on challenges and achievements,
  • Make deliberate and creative choices,
  • Take action on goals,
  • Create greater balance and fulfillment in their lives,
  • Coach themselves.

Coaching Limitations

  • Not effective for students who have certain active psychiatric disabilities
  • Not effective if student is unable or unwilling to be introspective.
  • Not applicable for students below the age of 8.


All conversations between coach and client are confidential. Even though contacting other professionals working with the client (Teacher, Social worker, Psychologist..etc) is invaluable, the coach will not disclose or communicate any information regarding the coaching relationship or coaching sessions to a third party without permission from the client. It is up to the client’s discretion whether he or she wishes to disclose the existence of the coaching relationship to others.


Dr. Huda developed a convenient and easy way to connect with her international clients. A video conferencing platform will be used to provide private consultations, private coaching sessions, consultations with teachers, college students career guidance and recommendations.


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