The Land of Opportunities - Mental Health & Learning organizes a wide range of educational and recreational activities that are tailored to the needs of treatment plans and provide supportive services that stimulate the therapeutic process, such as:


  • Brain Training Program

  • Autism Program

  • Early Intervention Program

  • Intensive Reading Program

  • Handwriting

  • Intensive English & Arabic

  • Study Skills

  • Physical activities programs

  • French Clubs

  • Summer Clubs

  • Children and Families College Program

  • Parents Supporting Parents Program

  • Parents of children who have invisible special needs often feel isolated, judged and frustrated until they meet other parents sharing a similar journey

  • Mindful parents group

  • Winter Clubs



The LDPA Family Support System


A follow-up system is implemented at the ‘Land of Opportunities’:


  • Visiting the child’s school (if needed), meet his teachers and communicate with his psychologists and follow up emails as needed (parents’ consent required/ confidentiality policy applies).

  • A 15 minute call to the parent after each treatment session to ensure the implementation of the treatment plan at home or at school.

  • Periodical meetings with parents and or child’s teachers to review and evaluate the treatment plans.

  • Educational, psychological and marital counselling for parents involving the difficulties faced while raising children with different disorders. These consultations are provided either individually or collectively and sometimes with the whole family.

  • Family support programs where the LDPA offers free evening group discussions, workshops and seminars through which our specialists or visiting specialists discuss various topics, such as: leaning difficulties concentration problems, lack of motivation, school stress, self-confidence, homework, sibling conflicts, etc...

  • Discounted registration at conferences and specialized workshops organized by the Association. As well, a special discount provided on the centers activities when obtaining the Distinctive Client Card (DCC).


Land of Opportunities

Mental Health & Learning Center

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